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Lemonade Delta 8 Flower

Lemonade Delta 8 Flower

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1 ounce of Lemonade Delta 8 Flower from Water Clear Delta 8.

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Weight .3 kg

13 reviews for Lemonade Delta 8 Flower

  1. Jason

    The refreshing flavor of citrus this Lemonade has was so good and the price was just right for your pocket. I received my order the following day it was quick and fast. I will surely order again.

  2. Kyrie M.

    I have used similar products before and yet they cannot hold a candle to this. This does have effect. It tastes good. Best of all, it’s all worth it! I know this shop has other products. Yes, they were enjoyable but this is hands down the best one!

  3. Shem A.

    I just started using this product and it helped a lot with sore muscles. Plus, I always feel great after I have taken it. Using it gives a relaxing state in both body and mind, without the heavy feeling after.

  4. Maine H

    I have trouble sleeping due to anxiety and stress thanks to my work and current situation we are all facing. However, after I decided to try smoking this flower, I have fallen asleep faster. I feel more well-rested when morning comes. You should try this out if you have problems sleeping.

  5. Oliver D.

    Smooth and tangy that’s how I love this product! two thumbs up!

  6. Dylan F.

    Love this product so much! It eased aches and pains. Just a little bit and it goes a long way. Really good.

  7. Deborah G.

    Smooth and appealing to my senses. You will be assured that you will get a top quality product. A must try item from Water Clear

  8. Alice V.

    Sweet and tangy aroma that relaxes me every time I have this product. Water clear gets the product on point. Happy to have it.

  9. Rhysjohn

    This has been one of my pain killers since I found that this product exists. The effect was fast and I do love the product. Highly recommended to everyone.

  10. Ruel D.

    One of the best flower that I had with water clear. this has been one of my pain killers every time my joint pain occurs. I love this product.

  11. Angelica B.

    The effect was great. It eased my stress immediately, I feel relieved and slept immediately. i do recommend this product to everyone.

  12. Lance G.

    Lemonade Delta 8 Flower help me to overcome my insomnia. I was able to sleep easily, relax and calm my muscle. it was a spot-on.

  13. Vivian

    Lemonade Delta 8 Flower helped me a lot to get back my sleep. I was suffering to insomnia for quite sometime already, but thanks to this product I can now sleep soundly.

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