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About Water Clear Delta 8™

Water Clear Delta 8™ by Truly CBD is a trademarked and branded product with the most potent and refined Delta 8 distillate on the market.

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Water Clear Delta 8™

Water Clear Delta 8 is manufactured using the highest levels of technology and only the finest ingredients. Our highly crafted Delta 8 is produced by the most skilled chemists in the United States. Water Clear Delta 8 is an award winning product and it shows.

Our Trade Marked and Branded, Water Clear Delta 8 distillate comes in vape cartridges and bulk quantities, and it always lives up to its name. Using our careful quality control standards, our customers can count on the quality whether ordering cartridges or bulk Delta 8 distillate.

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Meet Our Team

Meet the team responsible for bringing you Water Clear Delta 8™ by Truly CBD.

Tom Wegs The Hemp Hunter

Tom Wegs

Tom Wegs, also known as the Hemp Hunter, is an award winning hemp cultivator with a history of industry innovation. Tom has been featured in KUSH magazine and is one of the founding members of the Hemp Authority.

John Piccone

John Piccone

John Piccone is a serial entrepreneur with a focus in marketing and business development that has helped multiple companies grow from inception to becoming industry leading award winning brands.

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Our Mission Is Simple, Make The Best Delta 8 Products, Period.

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Award Winning Growers

Tom Wegs and his team are top of the line growers that have won multiple awards in the cannabis industry.


Top Tier Labs

Ensuring that our labs are run to the highest level of quality and efficiency.


Industry Experts

Tom has been featured in KUSH™ Magazine, was one of the founding members of Hemp Authority, and has won multiple awards.


Multiple Flavors

Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Pineapple Express, & Gorilla Glue provide our core flavors for Delta 8 cartridges.


Bulk & Wholesale

Whether you want to buy 10 or 10,000. We can help you with your bulk and wholesale Delta 8 distillate.


Recurring Subscriptions

Do you or your store or dispensary prefer to run a subscription style of ordering? No problem.

“The products from Water Clear have been fantastic. I have tried several and use them daily.”

John Doe

“I like the flavor of the Water Clear Delta 8. It’s potent and tasty but not overpowering.”

Jane Dow

“I didn’t know what Delta 8 was, and now that I’ve tried it, Water Clear Delta 8 may become my new go-to.”

Paul Landon